About Clayton


Clayton Jarvinen is the author of Thoughts From Sunrise™ and soon to be published memoir, "Mirror Mirror- A Personal Account of The Reflection".

He spends his time empowering others to locate their true nature and embrace the fullness of their lives. 

Being mechanically inclined he has spent much of his earlier years in the construction trades and enjoys wrenching on his Jeep and vintage motorcycle. 

When the waves are high you may find him surfing a SUP on the shores of Lake Michigan.


a note from Clayton-

When I was 36 I recognized that I was responsible for everything that has occurred in my life. Everything I've ever wanted and haven't wanted has come to pass. I saw how it all had occurred. After seeing this it gave me a powerful way to relate with the phenomenal world. It unlocked the mysteries of ancient wisdom and provided tools to relate with this life I am living right now.

After years of learning how to relate with this new-found freedom I am ready to share it with you. 

There is a deep truth that to change the world you must first change the way you see the world. Through learning the mechanisms of Forgiveness, Surrender and Letting Go you can change how you see the world which will begin to heal your world.

                -Clayton Jarvinen


 The turning point

On March 11, 2007 I was in a ski accident...

Two quadriceps were severed just above the knee and I was left unable to walk for six months, unable to work, or do anything else I loved. That led me to question everything about my place in life.

At that time I was training to run a marathon in every state, which had only been done by about 125 people. I was a boxer, motorcyclist, outdoors-man, craftsman and athlete.

After the accident I lost everything I owned, including my identity.

Many tumultuous years were spent in recovery, financially, emotionally and spiritually. Desperate, depressed and afraid I drove away from the Golden Gate Bridge, having not jumped, deciding that there's got to be another way. If I was willing to take myself out through suicide, I was determined to find another way to relate to life to ease the suffering I was feeling. If it didn't work, I rationalized, I could just go through with the jump at a later time.

That small willingness was all that was needed. A series of events followed over the next several years that led me to meditation. On my first big retreat, which turned out to be two and a half months of silence, I had entered into the silence; true silence- universal consciousness.

My entire life had been rewritten. I was reborn.

What I share is not that truth that I had experienced. Every individual must have their own experience of it. What I do is guide from the place of that truth so, when you are ready, you will have your own experience of the deeper truth within you.

There is a reason why there is confusion in this world. There is a reason why there seems to be suffering in this world. There is a reason why everything seems so familiar, but uncertain. We've been here before many, many times. We've repeated the same stories, over and over again. When it gets old and tiring, with a little willingness, you can choose to step out of the cycle of suffering. Step out of the mold and embrace life, not to the fullest of what the world seems to offer, but to the fullness that it is.

Each moment contains within it the possibility of a true direct experience of the eternal.